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Heart conditions are being misdiagnosed as stress

13th July 2017

New research shows high rate of misdiagnosis in inherited heart conditions.

New study reveals Broken Heart Syndrome could have damaging effects on the heart

23rd June 2017

A new study reveals that the "broken heart syndrome" or also referred to as takotsubo syndrome may have longer-lasting damaging effects on the heart. Until now, it was thought the heart fully recovered from the syndrome, but new research suggests the muscle actually suffers long-term damage.

Exercise restrictions can cause lasting psychological problems

31st October 2016

for sports-loving people with cardiomyopathy.

Painkillers that can increase risk of heart failure

14th October 2016

Safety group names many NSAIDS.

Researchers look at genetic causes of restrictive cardiomyopathy

13th October 2016

Multiple gene mutations found in half of those studied.

Water bug helps research into cardiomyopathy

10th October 2016

Bug flight shows how heart muscle works.

Heart pumps can give some people with heart failure a complete recovery

6th October 2016

Most common in those under 50 with dilated cardiomyopathy, say researchers.

Few people die suddenly from cardiomyopathy while exercising

29th September 2016

London doctor tells European Society of Cardiology meeting.

Heart devices should always be interrogated at post-mortems

21st September 2016

Family members, doctors and manufacturers can all benefit, say researchers.

Fewer but better heart drugs on the way?

15th September 2016

Drugs being researched said to be more inventive