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Fight heart disease battle with e-health, say leading European cardiologists

28th August 2015

European Society of Cardiology issues position paper.

Study of older people with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

27th August 2015

shows better survival than general population.

What is successful heart failure treatment?

26th August 2015

People with heart failure and their carers being asked which results should be measured.

Lay members being sought to join NICE committee

25th August 2015

Committee gives guidance on the use of drugs, treatments and medical devices in the NHS.

Miniaturised heart pump undergoes international trials

19th August 2015

Man from Northern Ireland receives first device at Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

Tiny capsules seek out and destroy blood clots

18th August 2015

Researchers in Australia use nanotechnology to treat clots causing strokes.

Study investigates internal defibrillators and appropriate shocks

17th August 2015

Better patient selection is needed, say researchers.

New artificial heart with cow tissue may reduce risk of stroke, say researchers

13th August 2015

But first two patients to receive the heart die from device failure.

New stem cell approach to treating heart failure shows promise

12th August 2015

say researchers in America and Germany.