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New standard of care for people with atrial fibrillation

9th July 2015

Standard for high quality care announced by NICE.

Visitors to Greece should take good supply of their drug treatments

8th July 2015

Supply chain to the country could be hit.

New mesh pocket for heart devices reduces infection, says study

7th July 2015

Infection rate cut by 80 per cent, researcher reports.

People with inherited diseases get all their genes mapped

30th June 2015

More than 2,300 people have had their genes mapped in the new 100,000 Genomes Project.

Patients get chance to test drive having pacemaker

29th June 2015

All six decide to have a permanent device.

Hospital prints first 3-D heart using common imaging

29th June 2015

Technique should improve diagnosis and help plan surgery.

Smartphones can affect pacemakers and ICDs

23rd June 2015

But interference risk is small, says study

Skin cells pointing way to new treatments

22nd June 2015

Skin from people with dilated cardiomyopathy made into heart muscle cells for study

Survival is good in diagnosed and treated ARVC

19th June 2015

Study looks at people with the inherited disease and family members.

Simpler trials would encourage more heart drugs

18th June 2015

Large and lengthy studies are a disincentive to drug companies, say heart experts.