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Leadless pacemaker safe with MRI, say researchers

7th July 2016

Device is fitted in the heart via a vein in the leg.

People who are gene positive for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

5th July 2016

need supervision, say researchers.

New gene mutation causing severe disease in children is found

1st July 2016

says team of international researchers.

Less invasive procedure for fitting heart devices in children

29th June 2016

is effective, say researchers.

Post mortem genetic testing finds more causes for young deaths

23rd June 2016

say researchers in study of deaths in those aged one to 35.

Type of heart disease affects survival on transplant waiting list

20th June 2016

Those with some types of cardiomyopathy do better, say researchers.

Brothers both have successful heart transplants

16th June 2016

After living with artificial hearts.

Have you been asked to take part in the 100,000 Genomes Project?

14th June 2016

If so, Oxford University researchers would like to hear from you.

Anabolic steroids particularly dangerous for people with ARVC

13th June 2016

Researcher tells conference of the British Cardiovascular Society

Heart research centre holds open day

9th June 2016

Event at Royal Brompton Hospital in London on Friday, 15 July.