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Dealing with Stress

21st November 2018

Managing stress can often be part and parcel with cardiomyopathy, read our post for some useful tips on how to deal with stress from our Support Nurse Jayne Partridge.

The Largest Ever Study of DCM

14th November 2018

Stuart Cook, a Professor of Clinical and Molecular Cardiology at Imperial College London, is leading a £2 million study of dilated cardiomyopathy. Read on to find out more.

2018 National Conference Round-Up

9th November 2018

On 27 October 2018 we held our annual National Conference in Liverpool, which included attendees, speakers, staff and supporters to discuss all things related to cardiomyopathy. Read our round up of the conference here. 

Interview with Dr Ian McPherson OBE: 'We are all so different'

6th November 2018

Shortly after being diagnosed with HCM in 2011, Dr Ian McPherson OBE became a member of Cardiomyopathy UK. Read his interview taken from the October Issue here.

Healthy eating

16th October 2018

Our specialist helpline nurse Jayne Partidge recently posted about healthy eating in our closed Facebook group. Read her full post here.

Cardiomyopathy patients urged to tell the DVLA about their condition

18th September 2018

Motorists who have a condition listed on The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) website are being urged to notify the DVLA or risk being fined or prosecuted.

Have pacemaker, will travel

16th September 2018

Mike Richardson had always led a busy outdoor life, and his diagnosis of dilated cardiomyopathy in 2008 hasn't slowed him down. Read his story here.

My dream is to dance with Flynn at his wedding

4th September 2018

Claire's hopes of a large family were shattered when she found out she had peripartum cardiomyopathy, but she treasures being a mum to Flynn. Read her story here

Low levels of air pollution are linked to serious changes of the heart

7th August 2018

New research has shown that air pollution can be more damaging to our hearts than we originally thought. Read more about the study here.

Government announces organ ‘opt-out’ donation system by 2020

6th August 2018

As the government announces plans to change the organ donation system, read more about our stance and response to the proposed changes.