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New smartphone can interfere with ICD’s and pacemakers

19th February 2021

Read the latest news on medical devices and smartphones. 

Coping with Cold Weather

14th December 2020

Cardiomyopathy Support Nurse Jayne shares her top tips on coping with cold weather. 

Advice about Vitamin D

7th December 2020

Coping with stress and your mental wellbeing

20th November 2020

Nurse Jayne shares her advice and tips on how you can cope with stress and look after your mental wellbeing.

Coping with hot weather

26th July 2019

With the temperature in the UK set to soar today and tomorrow, (24th - 25th June) our specialist nurse Jayne Partridge offers advice on coping with the heat.

'My condition doesn't define me'

10th April 2019

Steffi Moore, 22, a member of the Cardiomyopathy UK young person’s CYP&YA Panel shares her story in the British Journal of Cardiac Nursing. Read the full article here. 

Why I can dream again

8th August 2018

Our My Life magazine spoke to Andrew Kaponi as he prepared to undergo an operation to have an ICD fitted, and how he coped with the procedure. Read the article here.


28th July 2018

Our specialist helpline nurse Jayne Partidge recently posted about echocardiograms and how they work in our closed Facebook group. Read her full post here.

Cardiac rehab - the first step to a more active life

9th July 2018

Our My Life magazine spoke to Lucy, a Heart Failure Nurse Specialist, and Claire, a Cardiac Rehabilitation Assistant Practitioner about how participating in cardiac rehab is one of the best things you can do for your heart health. Read the article here.

Under the microscope

29th June 2018

Cardiomyopathy specialist and consultant cardiologist to Liverpool FC, Professor John Somauroo talked to My Life magazine about an exciting new technique in the diagnosis and treatment of many cardiac diseases.