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Change Agenda Launched

20th April 2021

We have launched our new Change Agenda highlighting how diagnosis, treatment and support for people with cardiomyopathy can be improved.

New smartphone can interfere with ICD’s and pacemakers

19th February 2021

Read the latest news on medical devices and smartphones. 

Beating For Two

28th January 2021

Cardiomyopathy UK launches a new campaign, Beating for Two, to raise awareness of peripartum cardiomyopathy, (PPCM). PPCM is a serious heart condition which can occur during the last month or after pregnancy. Read our article here. 

Cardiomyopathy and the COVID-19 Vaccine

4th January 2021

People with heart failure are at increased risk of severe COVID-19. The British Society for Heart Failure strongly recommends that all those eligible take the vaccination, when offered.

Coping with Cold Weather

14th December 2020

Cardiomyopathy Support Nurse Jayne shares her top tips on coping with cold weather. 

Advice about Vitamin D

7th December 2020

Coping with stress and your mental wellbeing

20th November 2020

Nurse Jayne shares her advice and tips on how you can cope with stress and look after your mental wellbeing.

A Bright Future Together

29th October 2020

The newest issue of our My Life is out now. Read on to discover our latest news, upcoming events and more!