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Give your views on genetic testing of unborn babies

28th October 2016

People with genetic conditions have chance to have their say.

Sarah and Marty raise over £20,000 for Cardiomyopathy UK

27th October 2016

Long-term Cardiomyopathy UK supporter Sarah Bishop has featured in her local media after surpassing an incredible £20,000 in total funds raised for us.

Genetic testing can leave families uncertain

19th October 2016

Answers not as clear as we would like, say researchers.

Painkillers that can increase risk of heart failure

14th October 2016

Safety group names many NSAIDS.

We're looking for helpline volunteers

13th October 2016

We are looking for Gateway volunteers on our dedicated helpline to be the first point of contact for people wanting support.

Researchers look at genetic causes of restrictive cardiomyopathy

13th October 2016

Multiple gene mutations found in half of those studied.

Do you have a child or young person in your life who has cardiomyopathy?

11th October 2016

Having a child or young person with a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy can be a worrying or challenging time. If you have a child or young person with cardiomyopathy we'd like to hear from you.

Meeting the psychological needs of people with cardiomyopathy

10th October 2016

Today, is world mental health day and on Friday we'll be presenting the results of our emotional wellbeing survey at a round-table discussion to identify how best to meet the psychological needs of people with cardiomyopathy.

Water bug helps research into cardiomyopathy

10th October 2016

Bug flight shows how heart muscle works.