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People with dilated cardiomyopathy sought for MRI research project

13th November 2015

Project aims to improve understanding of the disease and diagnosis.

Better size matches for donor hearts will help more people on waiting list

12th November 2015

Researchers say use of 3-D reconstructions of donor hearts will particularly help children.

Sweetened drinks may increase heart failure risk in men

9th November 2015

Doctors should advice heart failure patients to reduce consumption, it is suggested.

Uptake of new heart failure drug slow, say makers

6th November 2015

Doctors may not automatically switch patients to a new, more costly drug.

More stem cell research needed to help people with cardiomyopathy

2nd November 2015

Mechanisms that cause worsening heart failure are matched by stem cell activities, say researchers.

Sick babies' safety at risk from under-resourced neonatal units

30th October 2015

says research from baby care charity Bliss.

Are hospital routines making patients sicker?

29th October 2015

Interrupted sleep and withholding food before surgery can be damaging, argue group of doctors.

Do you have a child with cardiomyopathy who has had a flu-like illness?

23rd October 2015

Then researchers at Oxford University would like to speak to you.

Positive outlook appears to help heart health, says study

22nd October 2015

Optimistic people more likely to stick with their drugs and take some exercise, suggest researchers.

More families get all their genes mapped

15th October 2015

As 100,000 Genomes Project progresses.