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Give your views about more genetic investigations being used in the NHS

14th September 2015

Should genomics be embedded in the NHS? survey asks.

Tiny leadless pacemaker safe in most patients

11th September 2015

says study reported to European Society of Cardiology.

More families with cardiomyopathy may soon get IVF help

10th September 2015

to ensure their babies do not inherit the disease.

Europeans with cardiomyopathy have more ICDs and gene testing than expected

9th September 2015

Over half of gene tests give a result.

New regional cardiomyopathy conferences for doctors and nurses

8th September 2015

First conference to be held in Bournemouth in November.

Get your September copy of our My Life magazine

8th September 2015

It's available free from Cardiomyopathy UK

Women are nine times more likely to get takotsubo cardiomyopathy,

7th September 2015

says study from an international registry of the disease.

Risk of family members inheriting cardiomyopathy investigated

1st September 2015

Age, relationship and number of affected family members plays a part, says study.