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New cardiomyopathy support group for Milton Keynes

2nd February 2017

First meeting on Wednesday, 15 February.

NICE seeking your views on getting patients and wider public more involved

2nd February 2017

in drawing up its medical guidance and standards.

Researchers need more people with dilated cardiomyopathy whose heart function has recovered

26th January 2017

for study examining whether some people may be cured.

Potential new drug for disease causing dilated cardiomyopathy gets special status

23rd January 2017

Preclinical studies show drug can help reverse fibrosis in hearts, says drug's developer.

Families with Danon disease to benefit from special IVF treatment

20th January 2017

Special licence granted by the HFEA.

Robotic heart sleeve helps pump blood around the body

19th January 2017

Device designed to help people with heart failure.

Skin cancer rates soar in people who have transplants

16th January 2017

particularly heart and lung transplants, suggests study.

Latest My Life magazine focusses on mental well-being

12th January 2017

New issue looks at psychological effects of cardiomyopathy.