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Paper test could help people with heart failure monitor their condition at home

29th May 2017

Simple test can be analysed by smartphone app.

Newer type of internal defibrillator gets post-market support

25th May 2017

Study finds S-ICD has acceptable short-term complication rates.

Wearable defibrillator is safe for children, say researchers

22nd May 2017

Device is worn outside the body like a vest.

New tiny pacemaker has high implant success rate

19th May 2017

Pacemaker inserted into the heart via a vein in the leg.

Researchers find more comfortable way to treat AF

18th May 2017

Instead of shock, low energy pulses used.

Heart pumps can help people get better, says new UK research

11th May 2017

Pumps can help some people's heart function return to near normal