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Dharambir Singh's Captain Tom 100 Challenge

30th April 2021

This weekend sees the launch of the Captain Tom 100 Challenge for 1000s of people across the nation. Cardiomyopathy UK supporter, Dharambir Singh Dhadyalla, is one of those inspirational fundraisers. Read his story here. 

Captain Tom 100 Challenge - Elis and Jasmine's Story

26th April 2021

Meet Trustee Elis, and his fiancee Jasmine who are members of our Youth Panel! Read on and discover their top tips for fundraising, and get inspiration for your own Captain Tom 100 Challenge. 

Captain Tom 100 Challenge - Steffi's Story

20th April 2021

Next week sees the launch of the Captain Tom 100. Read Steffi's fundraising story and get inspired for your own challenge.

Change Agenda Launched

20th April 2021

We have launched our new Change Agenda highlighting how diagnosis, treatment and support for people with cardiomyopathy can be improved.