Cardiomyopathy researchers gather information via an app

5th October 2015

People with cardiomyopathy are being invited to contribute to research using an iPhone app.

The Yale School of Medicine in America wants to better understand the quality of life people with cardiomyopathy experience.

So it has launched the Yale Cardiomyopathy Index, an iPhone-based clinical study, as a gateway between leading medical institutions and patients around the world, it says.

They want to study the experience of those aged between two and 80 with cardiomyopathy.

People can contribute self-assessments of their quality of life and heart-related symptoms. They can also perform six-minute walks to assess physical function and heart rate trends.

"Understanding how these conditions affect people's day-to-day lives is of significant importance in better treating patients," said Yale researcher Kevin Hall. assistant professor of pediatric cardiology and director of the pediatric heart failure programme at Yale School of Medicine "We believe this app will go a long way in helping us learn how to improve patients' quality of life."

There are tailored questionnaires designed to assess how cardiomyopathy affects children of different age groups. These are modified to be appropriate for each age group. For the youngest group (ages 2 to 7), parents complete the questions. As the children get older, each age group has questions that reflect important issues for those children.

Educational resources are available in the application to assist in understanding the cardiomyopathies.