People with dilated cardiomyopathy sought for MRI research project

13th November 2015

A leading heart research centre in London is looking for people with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) to help with a new project.

Researchers from the Royal Brompton Hospital’s Biomedical Research Unit want to assess in fine detail the hearts of 50 people with DCM to build their understanding of the disease, improve diagnosis and assess the benefits of using the technique.

Initially they are looking for patients who do not have a known cause (such as chemotherapy, pregnancy, alcohol or myocarditis) for their illness but rather those with the disease in their family or of unknown cause.  They should also be free from the heart rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation.

Volunteers will undergo a single heart MRI scan that lasts no more than 90 minutes.

Dr Zohya Khalique, a clinical research fellow at the research unit, said: “We are using this new scan sequence to build our understanding of DCM and the usefulness of the technique. We are also using it to better understand various other conditions.”

Those with metal, including some heart devices, in their bodies will not be eligible.

For more details, email Dr Khalique or call her on 0207 352 8121 ext 2929.