Hot and cold weather can increase cardiomyopathy symptoms, say researchers

15th January 2016

Warm and cold temperatures can increase symptoms in people with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), say researchers.

The research team, from the heart diseases' division of the Mayo Clinic in America, looked at 173 patients with HCM, including 143 (83 per cent) who had symptoms of the disease.  Temperature changes worsened symptoms for half of them (72).

Of these, nearly eight in ten found their symptoms worsened only in hotter conditions, while two in ten found their symptoms worsened only in the cold or with both heat and cold.

Patients affected by any temperature change were more commonly women who had had a myectomy (surgery to remove heart thickening), a heart device, a family history of the condition and a lower quality of life, said the researchers, including Dr John Bois.

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