Celebrating great care and treatment

9th May 2016

At Cardiomyopathy UK we are working hard to persuade the government and health care leaders that more needs to be done to support people with cardiomyopathy. We are pushing for better diagnosis, easier access to expert clinicians and more help for people to come to terms with the impact that cardiomyopathy can have on their lives.

However, in order to make our case, we need to not only highlight the problems that people face but also to showcase examples of where things have worked well. This way we can demonstrate that there can be a better way and encourage services to share best practice.

We are now looking for your examples of where you feel that you received excellent support and treatment. It could be the clinical help you received from an individual or the way that your referral was managed; whatever made you think that you were really taken care of.

Please note that this survey has now closed.