Advances in the treatment of heart rhythm problems

1st June 2016

Advances in treating heart rhythm problems will be the subject of an annual patient event at a London hospital next month.

To celebrate World Arrhythmia Week, the Royal Brompton Hospital is hosting the special event featuring a variety of talks from heart experts.

Dr Sabine Ernst, one of the speakers, said: “We will be sharing with patients recent technological advances that allow highly effective and usually curative treatments for cardiac arrhythmias."

The talks will cover:

  • slow heart rhythms and does every patient with the problem need a pacemaker?
  • fast heart rhythms and when is the catheter ablation treatment necessary?
  • the work of arrhythmia nurses
  • specialised arrhythmia clinics
  • what’s happening in arrhythmia research

To finish there will be a session on the relaxation technique Tai Chi which guests can take part in.

The event, being held in partnership with the Arrhythmia Alliance, is being held on Monday, 6 June from 6pm to 8pm in the Brompton Café on Level 2 of the hospital’s Sydney Wing in Sydney Street, London SW3 6NP. Admission in free.

It is the 8th annual patient event held at the hospital.