Rosie gets a heart

28th July 2016

We’re delighted to announce that three-year-old Rosie Day has been given the gift of a new heart, and is now recovering after having transplant surgery.

Rosie was put on the waiting list for a new heart after she was diagnosed with restrictive
last year.

Less than a week before Christmas in 2015, Rosie suffered a cardiac arrest. Her mother had to perform CPR until paramedics and air ambulance teams arrived. Rosie was taken to her local A&E, and then transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Shortly afterwards Rosie was put on the urgent heart transplant list and in February she was fitted with a mechanical pump known as the Berlin Heart and required to remain in hospital.

After nearly six months in intensive care, Rosie underwent transplant surgery.

Her mum Sara said that receiving the transplant call was “surreal”.

She said: “In the time we have been here a number of people had calls about possible [transplants] and they haven’t come to anything. You don’t allow yourself to believe it until it actually happens and she is being wheeled down to theatre.”

She added: “We are now on Bear Ward and out of intensive care. She is doing really well and recovering brilliantly. GOSH has been absolutely incredible with Rosie. They have looked after her and kept her alive.”

Rosie is now on 17 different medications and has undergone the first of three biopsies to check whether her body has accepted the transplant.

Sara and husband Barry have been keeping people updated with Rosie’s progress online.

They have thanked the “incredible, brave, selfless and courageous” family of Rosie’s donor, who has not been identified, and said her donor would live on through Rosie.

In the UK, around 180 transplants are carried out each year.

Sara is also keen to continue campaigning for more people to sign the organ donation register.

“Rosie has got her heart, but there are still lots of other children and adults who are waiting for transplants.”

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