Science festival looks at genetics

25th August 2016

The British Science Festival, being held next month in Wales, will be featuring a series of free talks on genetics and gene therapies that may have an impact on cardiomyopathy care in the future.

The talks include:
• Can gene editing save the world?
• The forefront of gene therapy
• Masters of the genome

The festival, hosted by Swansea University, is being held at between Tuesday 6 September and Friday 9 September with events on campus and across the city.

Organisers say: “Join leading academics to discover, discuss and debate the latest ideas and innovations set to change our futures.”

Can gene editing save the world? looks at editing people’s genes to fight diseases, among other things.

The forefront of gene therapy investigates treatments for genetic diseases and explores how viruses can be used as tools to replace or repair faulty genes. These techniques may have the potential to cure patients with debilitating and life-threatening genetic conditions, such as cardiomyopathy.

Masters of the genome looks at building organisms from scratch, including growing individual organs, and how this technology might affect society.

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