We're looking for Rapid Response volunteers

28th August 2016

At Cardiomyopathy UK we always want to make sure that our work reflects the needs and the opinions of people with cardiomyopathy, their families and loved ones.  

We often use national surveys, evaluation forms and feedback  to get a better understanding of what you care about and what more we can do to help. Sometime we need to get your feedback very quickly such as when we want to test a new idea, a new piece of material or comment on a breaking news story. To help us do this we need a group of people with cardiomyopathy, and their family members, to sign up as one of our “Rapid response volunteers”.

As a rapid response volunteer you'll receive occasional emails from us. These may be a quick poll asking for your views on an issue or perhaps a request to give feedback on new material.  We won’t inundate you with email requests and will keep you up to date with how our work progresses.

Please note we are no longer looking for rapid response volunteers, thank you very much.