Launch of the report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Heart Failure

14th September 2016

We were at parliament yesterday for the launch of the report from the All Party Parliamentary group (APPG) on Heart Failure.

We have been able to make a significant contribution to this enquiry thanks in a large part to those of
you who responded to our national survey last year. We had more than 750 responses which gave us the evidence we needed to demonstrate the difficulties that people with cardiomyopathy face in accessing high quality treatment.

We have been working with the enquiry team to make sure that their final report reflects the problems that people with cardiomyopathy face in getting the right diagnosis, treatment and long-term support. We especially want to highlight the unacceptable level of misdiagnosis, the inadequacy of many cardiac rehabilitation services and the psychological needs of people with cardiomyopathy.

We will be following up to try and make sure that the ideas mentioned in the report such as; nurses, more echocardiograms and blood tests, better access to rehab and palliative care etc, are implemented.

Read the APPG on heart failure final report

Pictured are Stuart Andrew MP, chair of the APPG enquiry into heart failure and Alison Fielding, Cardiomyopathy UK chair of trustees.