NICE starts consultation on organ donation guidelines

3rd October 2016

NICE guidelines on organ donation may be updated soon to help improve the number of organs available for people on waiting lists.

NICE, which provides national guidance to improve health care, is today starting a two-week consultation with registered stakeholders about the need to update its clinical guideline CG135 organ donation for transplantation.  Cardiomyopathy UK is among NICE’s stakeholders. The consultation lasts until Friday 14 October.   

Organ donation is used to help people with organ failure, including heart failure that sometimes occurs in cardiomyopathy.

NHS Blood and Transplant says there are currently over 7,000 people on the UK national transplant waiting list and, during the last financial year, over 1,300 people either died while waiting or became too sick to receive a transplant. This is because, despite more than 500,000 people dying each year in the UK, fewer than 5,000 people die in circumstances where they can become a donor.