Pub regulars help supporter Emma fight back

18th May 2015

Pub regulars have stepped in to help Cardiomyopathy UK supporter Emma Venables after thieves stole some of the funds she was raising.

Emma ran the London Marathon for our charity in April, and as part of her fundraising had a collection box in The Mitre pub in Buckingham. It had around £100 in it.

When thieves broke into the pub overnight earlier this month, it was one of the things they stole.

But Emma and pub owners Keith and Jane Templeman decided to fight back with a fundraising evening at the pub which raised more than £1,100 for Cardiomyopathy UK.

Marketing manager Emma, who ran the marathon in support of her friend David Barrett and his six-month old son Oliver who both have cardiomyopathy, said: “The evening was amazing and how much was raised made Oliver’s mum Miranda cry.”

Emma sold raffle tickets and ran an auction of hand-made items. She auctioned off her partner, Adrian Lynch, and his DIY services for £50.

Keith said: “When you think of the spirit of Emma’s collection, how could anybody steal it? It was really disappointing, but everyone has been so chuffed at the final result.”

Police are hunting the burglars.