Big Lottery Fund will help us set up more support groups

19th December 2016

The Big Lottery Fund has awarded Cardiomyopathy UK a £132,340 grant to help us double our number of cardiomyopathy support groups by 2019.

Our support groups, which meet regularly around the country, enable people affected by cardiomyopathy in some way to meet informally and share experiences with others affected by the condition.

In a recent survey involving four of our support groups, 88% of members told us that they felt better supported and less isolated as a result of attending a support group, and 68% felt better able to cope. 

Our support group manager Jo Franks said: “As cardiomyopathy can feel isolating and difficult to manage, we want people affected to feel better supported and better able to cope with day-to-day life. 

“At support group meetings, information is provided on a range of topics increasing understanding and helping people to manage their symptoms and live a full a life as possible.”

 Jo will be recruiting, guiding and supporting volunteer group leaders so they can share good practice, and the groups become more sustainable and meet a wide range of needs that people with cardiomyopathy have.

For more information about our support groups around the UK, see here