Flu and pneumonia jabs important for people with heart failure

6th February 2017

Flu and pneumonia injections may help prevent life-threatening breathing infections in people with heart failure, says a comprehensive review.

Although clinical data from large trials is still limited, early evidence from various studies suggests that vaccinations can improve future health and quality of life in patients with heart failure, Dr Robert Mentz reported online in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology: Heart Failure.

Dr Mentz, Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, North Carolina, also discussed possible benefits of giving heart failure patients over 65 higher doses as they may have a decreased immune response to a standard dose.

"Vaccination represents a low-cost intervention that may be able to prevent the significant disease, death, and cost associated with heart failure," said Dr Mentz. "A deeper understanding of current vaccination practices in the heart failure population is necessary to guide population-level interventions aimed at improving vaccination rates,"

For the study, Dr Mentz and his team looked at studies on the use of pneumonia or flu vaccines among heart failure patients from January 1990 to July 2016.

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