Paper test could help people with heart failure monitor their condition at home

29th May 2017

Researchers in China have developed a simple test which could help people with heart failure monitor their condition at home.

The paper-based test can analyse levels of the antigens (substances that affect the immune system) ST2 and BNP, which are good indicators of heart failure and how it might be progressing or lessening.

Details of the test have been featured in the journal of the American Chemical Society.

Currently analysing the substances needs an expert eye and special equipment. So the researchers, funded by various organisations in China, decided to try to find a simple test for use by both patients at home and doctors.

The test requires only a small blood sample to be put on the paper strip. A blue dot glows on the strip if ST2 is present and a green dot if BNP is present.

The colours become more intense when there is greater presence of the substances.

A smartphone app can analyse the readout and send the results to the patient’s doctor who can adjust treatment accordingly.

Researchers tested 38 samples from people with heart failure and the paper test closely matched conventional techniques, the journal reported.

Cardiomyopathy support nurse Robert Hall, from Cardiomyopathy UK, said: “How this would fit into the clinical management structure for the heart failure patient would need to be carefully considered.”


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