Cheick Tiote

6th June 2017

Former Newcastle United footballer Cheick Tiote has died at the age of 30 following a collapse during a training session for his current club Beijing Enterprises.

Joel Rose, Chief Executive of Cardiomyopathy UK commented:

“The cause of death still remains unconfirmed although it has been reported in some news outlets as a possible cardiac arrest. However, when a seemingly fit and healthy person collapses with no warning – cardiomyopathy is often suspected. Sadly, his death brings to mind a number of other footballers and sportsmen who have tragically suffered a cardiac arrest and unexpectedly passed away.

Cardiomyopathy affects over 160,000 people of all ages, including babies, across the UK but we believe there are many more people undiagnosed. Some people have few symptoms while others are severely affected and It usually runs in families so it is vital to know about any history of heart disease in your family and to tell your doctor.

Our thoughts go out to his family at this time and our helpline is available to anyone who needs it.”