We've launched a new video resource

29th September 2017

Our brand new video has just been launched on our website, giving an introduction to the different treatments for cardiomyopathy.

Written and developed by our Information Manager Rona Eade, in conjunction with medical experts including our nurses, the video introduces the different types of treatments that can be available to those diagnosed with cardiomyopathy.

To see the video visit this page, and for all of our video resources you can visit our YouTube channel (opens in a new window)

This video, and all of our other resources are funded by the incredible generosity of ours supporters. Chief Executive Joel Rose said "We greatly appreciate the support of our volunteers, donors and fundraisers. It's with their help that we are able to keep producing invaluable resources such as this video, and are able to help even more people affected by cardiomyopathy that need us."