Discussion on travel insurance

29th May 2018

Our specialist helpline nurse Jayne Partidge recently opened a discussion about travel insurance on our closed Facebook group. Read her post here.

Travel insurance

This has been a topic that the support nurses have answered a few questions about recently therefore I am going to put a few pointers on here for you consider.

Firstly always declare your medical conditions including any pre-existing illness that you have had advice for, these are the most common:

Heart conditions including high blood pressure
Breathing conditions including asthma
Joint and bone conditions
Gastrointestinal conditions
each insurance company will have a list of conditions/ illnesses that they will want to know about so check with each company.

Many insurers will need to know about any conditions or illnesses which can be linked to your pre-existing condition ie: an asthmatic who develops a chest infection, the insurance policy would need to cover asthma.

If your insurer does not know about your medical history any pre-existing conditions will be excluded.

Before travelling abroad it is important to buy the right travel insurance. It is advisable to choose the correct travel insurance for your needs and to consider:

The very high costs you might face for emergency medical treatment and help getting back to the UK
Importance of understanding what your travel insurance does and does not cover.

There are a wide range of policies it is important to shop around to get the correct policy for your needs and the best value for money. We would advise that you speak to the companies and explain your needs so that they can look for the best policy for you at the right price.

Your travel insurance should cover:

Emergency medical treatment costs, including hospital charges, and ambulance fees.
Returning home following medical treatment abroad if you cannot use your original ticket.
Reasonable additional transport and accommodation for your travelling companion.
Temporary dental treatment
24 hours assistance telephone help lines to offer support and guidance.

Also consider:
How often you need to travel
The length of your trip/s
Where you are going
What possessions you are taking
How many people are travelling with you
The cost of cancellation of you trip/s
Skiing and cruise's will need specific cover and policies so it is advisable to check that you have the correct policy to cover you.

An European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles you to free treatment in state run hospitals in the EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The card should not be used instead of insurance. This is because insurance covers more.

More information including a list of insurers previously helpful to others affected by cardiomyopathy can be found here

Further information can be found on the Association of British Insurers ( ABI) travel insurance page (opens in a new window)