The importance of taking medications correctly

2nd July 2018

Our specialist helpline nurse Jayne Partidge recently opened a discussion about taking medication correctly on our closed Facebook group. Read her post here.

The importance of taking medications correctly

Not taking prescribed medications at the correct times and/or missing doses of medications can sometimes result in worsening symptoms in some people.

Not taking medications correctly could be due to many factors and these can include:

  • Your medications not being explained when they are prescribed and/or complex medication regimes (including multiple medications which need to be taken at various times during the day),
  • The high cost of prescriptions for each required item prescribed
  • Fear of potential side effects/ side effect experiences when taking a medication.

How can you improve your medication adherence ?

Speak to your cardiac nurse, GP or pharmacist if you are concerned about any of your medications including any side effects, they may be able to suggest an alternative or change of dose which might help.

Your cardiac nurse or GP may be able to request a dosing box which could help you remember when to take your medications or may be able to see or speak to you periodically to find out how you are getting on with your medications and support you with taking new medications.

Ask your cardiac nurse, GP or pharmacist for advice on what to do if you do forget to take a dose of any of your medications they can advise you of what to do so that you have a plan just in case.

Ask your cardiac nurse, GP or pharmacist if there might be a more simple medication regime available for you for example could you take your medications in a once daily dose or could a card be written out for you to check when you need to take each medication.

If you are experiencing potential side effects of any of your medications speak to your Cardiac nurse, GP or pharmacist for advice, sometimes altering timings of your medications may help with some symptoms but this should only be done after seeking advice from a qualified professional who knows your clinical history and list of medications.

Speak to your pharmacist if you are finding your medications expensive they will be able to discuss pre-payment schemes with you.

Medication adherence is important and missing a dose of any medication should be avoided if at all possible.