Cardiomyopathy patients urged to tell the DVLA about their condition

18th September 2018

Motorists who have a condition listed on The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) website are being urged to notify the DVLA or risk being fined or prosecuted.

By law, the DVLA requests motorists to inform them if they are suffering with any medical conditions on their notifiable conditions list – which includes cardiomyopathy.

It is currently estimated that there are one million drivers on the road with conditions they should have told the DVLA about. Some of the conditions seem obvious, such as a brain injury, suffering from seizures or issues with sight of alcohol. However, cardiomyopathy and many others can seem like more obscure conditions but still need to be recorded and assessed before you drive.

Robert Hall, Cardiomyopathy Support Nurse said: “There hasn’t been a policy change around this but we know that many cardiomyopathy patients may be anxious, following recent media reports, about whether they should or shouldn’t notify the DVLA. If you’re unsure please contact us on our helpline number 0800 018 1024 and we will be more than happy to guide you according to the current DVLA criteria.”

We have more information about driving and cardiomyopathy here