Meditation amongst heart failure patients

12th August 2019

A recent study reveals the potential benefits of meditation in people who have been diagnosed with heart failure.

This study was a review on current research information focusing on meditation in chronic disease. Six studies were identified which focused on meditation for people with heart failure.

Each of the 6 studies were found to have utilised an aid for meditation such as an audio tape. This literature review identified that meditation was a useful intervention to improve the quality of life and symptoms in people who have been diagnosed with heart failure. Furthermore, focused research studies would help us know more and possibly enable this valuable intervention to be offered in the future.

Cardiomyopathy UK Support Nurse Jayne Partridge says that ‘meditation may offer people with heart failure a reduction in their symptoms and more importantly could help to improve quality of life.’

To read the full research, visit here.

What is meditation?

Meditation is about ‘thoughtful awareness’. Although there are many different techniques, it focuses on clearing the mind, promoting a feeling of calm and relaxation, and aims to help with emotional wellbeing. Some forms of meditation are linked with particular religions or groups. 

Taking ‘time out’ to look after your emotional wellbeing might feel like a strange thing to do, but taking time to have a break and get away from your normal routine can have positive effects on your mental health. This might be a few minutes a day to sit somewhere quiet and meditate, doing a regular hobby, to a break away from home.