Captain Tom 100 Challenge - Steffi's Story

20th April 2021

Last year, Captain Sir Tom Moore inspired the nation when he completed 100 laps around his garden, raising over £30million for charity. This May Day bank holiday, Captain Tom's family have organised the Captain Tom 100 Challenge - a nation-wide event to raise vital funds for charities across the country.

The concept behind the Captain Tom 100 Challenge is simple - dream up a challenge around the number 100 and complete the challenge between Friday 30th April and Monday 3rd May, with a fundraising target of £100. The challenge can be anything, from baking 100 cakes, scoring 100 goals or walking for 100 minutes. It's your chance to do it your way. 

Superstar supporter and Youth Panel member, Steffi, is doing a year-long challenge to raise funds for Cardiomyopathy UK. As part of Steffi's Virtual World Tour, she will incorporate the number 100 by walking 100km, which is the equivalent of the Great Ocean Road in Australia. 

Read her motivational story below and get inspired to organise a challenge of your own. 

What is your fundraising challenge?

I have decided that since we can’t travel at the moment, I’d bring the travelling bug back in a Virtual World. It is called ’Steffi’s Virtual World Trek’ - Every month I will be completing a distance in km that is the equivalent to a challenge from around the globe. For example, the Great Wall of China being 300km to complete in April, or UK Coast to Coast. 

Why have you chosen to do this fundraiser?

I chose this fundraiser because it mixes all my hobbies together and is totally unique to me. It incorporates travelling, scouting, walking and exploring the UK. I wanted a year-long fundraiser so that it will continue on throughout 2021 and into 2022. I decided to take on the challenge as Cardiomyopathy UK provides me with constant support and this leads onto a massive cardiomyopathy and myocarditis family full of people of all ages to talk to. I am also part of the youth panel, and most recently I have become a member of the change maker team. Both groups are making such a difference and It is a privilege to be a part of it. I have also been able to incorporate it with my Pageant Journey as Miss West London International within the PageantGirl System. 

What was your motivation for organising a fundraising event for Cardiomyopathy?

Following on from 2020 , lots of charities were losing vital incomes and lots of the work was being continued by the volunteers. I wanted to contribute. Also, I am using my pageant platform to raise awareness for Cardiomyopathy, so why not fundraise at the same time. 

The money you raise provides support services for anyone affected by cardiomyopathy, helps raise awareness of the condition and funds campaigning for better care and treatment. What is your hope for the future for people affected by cardiomyopathy?

In the future I hope that everyone is able to find Cardiomyopathy UK from the very start of their cardiac journeys and won’t feel like they are on their own. All the resources are there, just signposting them will help. 

What are your fundraising top tips?

When you make a challenge unique to you, it makes it a lot easier to get wholeheartedly involved because you are passionate. Make it your own and it becomes a lot more fun! Another top tip - Use your story and share the page with as many people as possible. 

Does Steffi's story inspire you? Why not take own your own unique challenge and raise funds for Cardiomyopathy UK?

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