What is successful heart failure treatment?

26th August 2015

People affected by heart failure are being invited to take part in a project to help improve the lives of people worldwide with the condition.

The project is seeking to change the way the success of heart failure treatment is measured, and it wants people with heart failure and their carers to give their views in an online survey.

The project, being run by the International Consortium for Health Outcomes (ICHOM), believes better assessment of how people with heart failure fare after treatment will help ensure better treatment.

At present process measures, such as tests people have had and the drugs they are on, may be used. But assessment measures could include reductions in hospital admissions, how many patients still have fluid retention problems, psychosocial outcomes, and being able to return to a normal life and work.

Cardiomyopathy UK supporters Alison Fielding, Tina Kinsella and Richard Mindham have already given their views to help the ICHOM identify some of the potential best outcomes for patients.

Now the ICHOM wants to ask other people with heart failure and their carers what they think of the outcomes. Then a special standard will be prepared for publication next year.

Take part in the patient validation survey