Fight heart disease battle with e-health, say leading European cardiologists

28th August 2015

E-health, including the use of health apps, is vital to winning the battle against heart disease, European cardiology leaders said in a paper published this week.

E-health refers to the use of information and communications technology in healthcare services, including patient health monitoring, education, training and research.

It includes electronic medical records, e-prescribing, e-referrals, decision support systems for doctors, and disease registries.

The paper, published by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) in the European Heart Journal, says that by the end of next year three billion people worldwide will have a smartphone and half will use health apps.

Lead author Professor Martin Cowie, from Imperial College, London, said e-health will play a central role in helping doctors make decisions in almost every aspect of life, and patients are often frustrated that healthcare does not keep pace.

He said: “The technology has the potential to personalise healthcare, help patients take more responsibility for their health, and cut down on costly hospital stays. The ESC sees e-health as vital to achieving its mission of reducing the burden of heart disease in Europe and will take a proactive role in developing, assessing and implementing technology innovations to support heart health.”

It put forward seven recommendations to increase the use of e-health.

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