Give your views about more genetic investigations being used in the NHS

14th September 2015

People with inherited diseases like cardiomyopathy are being asked what they think about advanced genetic investigations being used in the NHS.

As a government project has begun into sequencing the complete genetic make-up (genome) of some volunteer patients , those affected by inherited diseases, research organisations, and health policy experts are being asked for their views on embedding genomics in the NHS.

Genomics is the study of the human genome, the complete set of our instructions. Our genome contains all of the information needed to build us and allow us to grow and develop, and controls our different characteristics, such as eye colour and height.  It is also responsible for genetic diseases such as cardiomyopathy.  Looking at a person's genome may also identify many other diseases that a person may have or be at high risk of developing.
The survey has up to 19 questions, but the exact number that you will be asked to respond to will depend on some of your previous responses.
Responses will be anonymous and all data will be maintained confidently, say the researchers.
By clicking the "Submit responses" at the end of the survey questions, you are consenting to your answers being collected and analysed in this project and, potentially, in future research studies.

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