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We have a range of information for patients.

Information for your patients

We have a range of information on all aspects of cardiomyopathy from the different types of cardiomyopathy to living with cardiomyopathy and the physical, practical and the emotional impact of the condition.

Information days and conferences 

Find out more about our information days

Support groups

We have a number of support groups across the UK, which run regular group meetings, where people can hear from medical professionals and share experiences with other. For more details see our support group section

Peer support volunteers

We have a network of people with cardiomyopathy who offer support to others over the telephone or by email.  Our volunteers vary in age, type of cardiomyopathy and experiences. 

Many have biventricular pacemakers and internal defibrillators (ICDs).  Others have had treatments including a myectomy, septal ablation and heart transplant.  Also on the network are women who have had peripartum cardiomyopathy.

For more details, contact us or call 01494 791 224.