We encouraged our supporters to carry on the conversation by sharing their own stories using the hashtag #EveryHeartUnique. With their consent, we are sharing just a few of the misconceptions we received from our supporters during the campaign.

The impact of our campaign, including tackling misconceptions and media coverage placed has challenged myths and perceptions that are still too common in our society. An occasional moment of rudeness or ignorance may be upsetting. But the more it happens, the greater the impact it can have.

Negative attitudes present one of the most significant barriers to those living with the condition. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

We need this to change.

We’re determined to challenge the confusion around what someone with cardiomyopathy ‘should’ look like, and help those with the condition to not feel fearful or mask their illness.

We are so pleased to have received so much positive engagement from our supporters. Together we can help save more lives.