Why we need your help

Without Cardiomyopathy UK, children like Marty might not be here

At Cardiomyopathy UK we know that with the right ingredients - clear information, expert knowledge and real understanding - we can save lives and stop the misery caused by cardiomyopathy.

We hear far too many stories of misdiagnosis and misinformation, of fear and frustration, of unnecessary anguish and of lives lost.

That's why our Great Pancake Party is raising money for our frontline services. Our website and helpline work together to ensure that more people than ever before are aware of the signs and symptoms of cardiomyopathy and have the information, support and treatment they need to get on top of the condition. 

Join the party today and help us make sure that families can spot the signs, ask the right questions and get the treatment they need.

Meet Marty

When she was pregnant Marty's mum Sarah found out he had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and was advised he would be unlikely to survive until birth.  Sarah contacted us, and we were able to give her the right information and support, and help her to seek a second medical opinion. Thankfully Marty defied the doctors' predictions and is now a happy and lively five year old.

Sarah said '"we spoke to a cardiomyopathy support nurse at Cardiomyopathy UK who gave us hope".  

With your support we can be there for more families like Marty's, and make sure that everyone gets the best care and advice possible. 

The Great Pancake Party - all the right ingredients to save lives.

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