Running a Support Group

We are always looking to extend our network of support groups. If you can't find a convenient group in your area, why not consider applying to become part of a volunteer Support Group leadership team?

You will not be alone. The charity can provide you with plenty of assistance to get the ball rolling -including producing posters to advertise meetings, writing press releases to publicise your new group in the local paper, advertising your meetings on our website/Facebook pages and sending out invitations to people on our database in your area.

We can help source speakers by liaising with our medical contacts, and offer presentations from Cardiomyopathy UK staff. While you will need to find the venue yourself and fix the times of meetings, we have an allocated budget to fund the cost of room hire.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our Community Peer Support Manager

Christie Jones at or telephone 01494 791224.