Sheffield Support Group

This support group based in Sheffield is for people with any form of cardiomyopathy, their family members, friends and supporters.

The group is run by support group leaders Julie Taylor and Sarah Glossop (pictured below).

"It is so good to know that you are not alone. Groups like this help to reduce fear, uncertainty and doubt - 3 words that are much worse than DCM (in my opinion)."


"A big thanks from me and mum, you’ve already had such a positive impact on both of us."


2021 ONLINE Meeting dates

Wednesday 18th August (6.30pm-8.30pm)


Location (all 2021 meetings will be ONLINE)

Community Room, South Yorkshire Fire Service Headquarters, 197 Eyre Street, Sheffield S1 3HU

Getting there

Unfortunately there is no free parking, however there is a car park next to Decathlon Store (next building to SYFS Headquarters) which is less than 150 yards away. There is also a car park at the junction of Jessop Street/Sylvester Street (behind building) close by.


For more information about this support group please contact Christie Jones, Community Peer Support Manager, at or call 01494 791224.