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Please help us support everyone affected by myocarditis that needs us.

Alexander Jansons Foundation was set up after the death of Alexander Jansons from myocarditis when he was 18 years old.  The fund has pledged a minimum of £80,000 per year to fund research and activities relating to myocarditis. With this research we will save lives in the future.

The fund will also provide £20,000 per year towards our vital services for people affected by myocarditis, including our expert nurse helpline and peer support volunteers.

In 2018 Alexander Jansons Foundation merged with Cardiomyopathy UK and is now known as the Alexander Jansons Fund (AJF).

Money donated goes directly to a restricted fund specifically for the Alexander Jansons Fund within Cardiomyopathy UK.  This means that donations can only be used for research and activities relating to myocarditis and not for any other purpose.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us as we will now be able to offer an expert helpline nurse for people affected by myocarditis for as long as they need.

Cardiomyopathy UK is the national charity for people affected by heart muscle disease cardiomyopathy and related diseases. Myocarditis is a disease marked by inflammation and damage of the heart muscle wall and can lead to dilated cardiomyopathy. It is vital that the charity holds a special fund to help save and improve the lives of people affected by myocarditis.   

Thank you.

Cardiomyopathy UK send out regular updates including a free quarterly magazine ‘My Life’ by both email and post. This includes the latest news about The Alexander Jansons Fund, myocarditis, support services available and how you can get involved in supporting their work.


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