Katie Denial

I was diagnosed in March 2015 with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) with left ventricular thrombus resulting in heart failure and also had pulmonary embolisms.

I started with symptoms of breathlessness and sinus tachycardia in 2013 with extreme weight gain and had many trips to doctors and A&E but wasn't properly diagnosed until March 2015. I was rushed in by ambulance suffering with severe breathlessness, abdominal pain, and numbness to arms and face.

I was then eventually diagnosed and spent 2 months in hospital receiving treatment. During my stay they tried to drain fluid that had built up on my right lung but this resulted in me having a respiratory arrest and being on the high dependency unit for 7 days! However they did eventually manage to drain 3 litres of fluid off my right lung. After this they managed to get me stable on medication and I came home.

I missed out a lot during my time In hospital I missed my sisters wedding as I was unfortunately too ill to be released to attend. My life right now if full of appointments and tests but it's still early in my treatment! I am now ill health retired from work at the age of 26 as I'm unable to walk far and my symptoms of fatigue and breathless are very severe but I'm alive taking things a step at a time!