Life hacks (for managing your condition)

Sometimes it's the little things in life that can help you get through difficult times, or manage the everyday challenges of having a heart condition.

Life hacks are tips and shortcuts that help to manage life. For example, saving you energy, managing your symptoms, or making you feel more in control. Here are some life hacks suggested by other people. Why not give them a go?

"Find out about exercise and activities so you can carry on with life."


"Maybe buy a fitness tracker so you can monitor your heart rate."


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"I had my hair cut short so it was less tiring to deal with (and it made me more confident!)"


"If you don't have an electric toothbrush get one as it helped me massively 'cos I was so tired."


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"Speak to other people about your condition - maybe a close friend if you don't want to speak to your family. Or get in contact with us!"

Jasmine, get in contact with our young peer support volunteers.

"I know writing in a journal has definitely helped me. Just taking time to jot down worries, anxieties, feelings when you're having a bad day but also when you're having a good day."


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Got any hacks to share? You can email us to tell us more.

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