BBC Children in Need Funding

Cardiomyopathy UK is delighted to announce that we have received a grant from BBC Children in Need to support our services and work with children and young people. Over the next three years, we will extend our paediatric helpline service so that young people and concerned family members can speak with our paediatric nurse after school.

We will grow our young person’s peer support service, publish booklets and information resources appropriate to children and young people’s cognitive levels of understanding and reach as many children and young people affected by cardiomyopathy as possible. The grant will enable us to grow our existing services, respond effectively to the needs of children and young people and help them feel less isolated and more empowered to manage their health in a holistic way.

Children and young people living with cardiomyopathy have very specific needs and we want to ensure that any child living with the condition can access our services for their physical, emotional and social well-being. The BBC Children in Need Grant will also support us to create a resource for education providers and other agencies invested in the care of children and young people to help them better support young people living with cardiomyopathy.

Our Head of Services, Ali Thompson, who will be leading the service said, “specialist services targeted at children and young people affected by cardiomyopathy are vital. Young people are our future so it is essential that we help them understand their condition and live happy, healthy lives. We want to be there for young people when they need us most and the BBC Children in Need grant will definitely help us to achieve this.”