Young peer support volunteers

If you are a child, young person or younger adult affected by cardiomyopathy and want to talk to another young person or younger adult in confidence then we can put you in touch.

helpline number

We have a number of young people and younger-adult Peer Support Volunteers who you can speak with over the phone or by text. Some of our Peer Support Volunteers have cardiomyopathy, some have a partner, parent or sibling with the condition, and some have had a heart transplant.

Call our helpline and ask for Ali who will have a quick chat with you to find out which Peer Support Volunteer would be best matched to your needs and will put you in touch. Our Peer Support Volunteers tend to make contact on the day you call, usually during the early evening.

One of our Peer Support Volunteers is Elis, who has HCM.

Social media

We have a Facebook page and Twitter account specifically for young people and a closed Facebook Group for anyone affected by the condition aged between 14-25. Our paediatric nurse, Emma, is part of the Facebook group, so you can contact her directly via a post or private message.

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