Charity place application form

Before completing this application form, please note that we are not able to grant charity places in full or half marathons to individuals who have been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy or who have an ICD or other device fitted. We have made this decision based on comprehensive medical advice from senior cardiologists and it is in place to ensure that no individual with cardiomyopathy puts themselves at risk whilst raising funds for Cardiomyopathy UK. Read more about our policy here.

Due to the inherited nature of many cardiomyopathies, if you have a blood relative with cardiomyopathy, to grant a charity place in a full or half marathon, we require: 

  • you to have had cardiac screening (an ECG and echo) within 1 year of the event with no concerns raised 

  • you to have had a conversation with your cardiologist (or the healthcare professional who conducts your screening and is responsible for your care) about your intentions to take part in the event and sign off from the cardiologist that it is safe for you to take part  

If you have not had screening within this timeframe, we will hold a place in the event for you whilst you seek screening. This may include carrying over your place to the same event the following year. 

We understand that other charities may not have these requirements. Given the nature of our cause it is important that we support our charity runners to minimise any risks to their heart whilst undertaking these events for Cardiomyopathy UK. 

Before completing this application form, please confirm that you have read and understood our requirements relating to fundraising safely for those living with cardiomyopathy or a related condition, have an ICD or who have a relative with cardiomyopathy. Read our policy here
Do you have any of the following?
Have you undergone cardiac screening (and ECG and Echo) within one year of the event date with no concerns raised?
Please provide as much detail as possible
I understand that I take part in this event at my own risk and that Cardiomyopathy UK cannot be held liable for any injury or ill health related to this event.
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