For over 30 years we have provided support and information so that people with cardiomyopathy can live long and fulfilling lives. 

Research into inherited disease is revealing more on how to treat and work towards a cure for cardiomyopathy. 

Help us continue our mission in supporting families and future generations affected by heart muscle disease. 

If you are making your will, please consider leaving a charitable gift to Cardiomyopathy UK. 

What can I leave in my Will? 

  • A residuary gift from your estate after taxes have been paid.
  • A pecuniary gift. This is a fixed sum of money. 
  • Gift of a specific item, like an item of jewellery.


How can I amend my Will?

You can amend your existing Will using a codicil. A codicil is a supplement to a Will, containing an addition, explanation or modification of something in the Will.