Charity’s Update on COVID-19

COVID-19 21 February 2021
Cardiomyopathy UK understands that COVID-19 is causing not unreasonable anxiety and worry for our community of people affected by cardiomyopathy and myocarditis. Our helpline and support services have seen an increased volume of people anxious about whether or not they should self-isolate.

In accordance with UK Government guidelines (view here)  Cardiomyopathy UK recognises that people diagnosed with a cardiomyopathy are at a heightened risk of severe illness from coronavirus, and advocate for people affected by cardiomyopathy to get ready to self-isolate from now. We have been speaking with clinical experts and have been looking closely at developments both nationally and globally and understand that our community is looking to us to give them guidance.

During this period of self-isolation, the charity will be increasing our support services to ensure that people are not left without emotional and clinical support. We are increasing our helpline capacity so that more people can access our nurses and emotional support services and we will be looking to bring you regular updates from senior cardiac clinicians to whom you can put questions and receive advice. Our services team will be in regular contact with our community and volunteers to ensure they are effectively supported.

We understand that having to self-isolate can have an impact on people’s emotional and psychosocial well-being so the charity is looking at ways in which we can bring people together online with regular virtual meet ups and opportunities to share with others in similar situations.

Please know that you are not alone, the charity will continue to provide the support and sense of family that makes us unique and we will do all that we reasonably can to ensure that no one in our community is left to struggle alone.

Our helpline number is 0800 018 1024 and our Facebook closed group can be reached at here. 

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